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Wonder Woman- To the rescue!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Wonder Girl Yutika Nair is 11 years old


The morning routine is done with. The kids are all brushed, bathed and fed:) It's just another day, of being locked down at home. We have gotten through so many such days, the kids have not had any outdoor time the last few weeks. They have had their moments of meltdown, that have thankfully been transient but also almost a routine now. I really can't blame these girls, poor things they are so tied down in the current scenario.

 So I am going to cut them some slack. Now, I have been accused of so many things these past few quarantine days. My 8 year old thinks I love my 3 year old more, who in turn thinks that the 5 month old has taken away the attention from her a bit too soon and suddenly. What does the 5 month old think?? Well, all I can say is that he looks visibly confused and thrilled at all the madness around him! He is perpetually in awe and wonderment of everything.


Which, reminds me somehow of Wonder Woman. I feel like a Wonder Woman every day, trying to save the sanctum of my mind from the relentless attacks, these little warriors subject me to. I have to make important decisions everyday, decisions that need an in depth analysis and serious contemplation of the situation at hand. These decisions require you to remember facts! Oh! Yes! Facts such as, who had the right to the TV remote yesterday, who ate the bigger piece of chocolate the day before, who was spoken to rudely by the mother and asked to do their homework.

Announcing the verdict is another level of responsibility, "Ok, Palak, It's Kaavya's turn at the iPad now" I wish there was a sound button on the blogs, so you could hear:) the volley of emotions.

My verdicts are deemed unfair, biased and unjust all the time, no matter which side I am on. I am like a ruling party with the opposition at my throat all the time.

Oh! How I wish, I had the arsenal of The Wonder Woman. The Lasso of Truth, to find out who the messed up the room, the Bracelet of Submission, that would allow me to deflect all the blame hurled at me. The Tiara- Why? of course, I deserve it for always being The Queen of Their Hearts❤💞

A big shout out to all the mommies!!!

See ya!

Image Credit: Yutika Nandkumar

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