• Vijeta Gawdi

The Unfair-y Tales of Life

Updated: May 7, 2020

I stumbled upon, The Magic Lamp

The Genie said 'Your wish is my command! "

I grant you wishes, all of three

Spare me a wish and set me free

I wish upon your freedom, I said

The many tears of joy he shed.

I went along further, to find a damsel in distress,

A girl trapped in a tower with really long tress.

Looking at the world from the window in her room,

Going to bed every night, listening to herself croon.

Save me from the tower, my locks are yours to keep,

They hold the powers of a beauty sleep.

I don't need the locks, I like how I look,

But come down this ladder and run away from that crook.

I met a girl, she looked so sad,

Crying alone, by the pumpkin patch.

What's the matter? Why the baul?

I am praying for the fairy, to take me to the Ball.

Wear your attitude, you'll look prettier than any bride,

Hop on my bike, I'll give you a ride.

Don't wait for the slippers to fit, to tell him it is you,

Your face he can never forget if his love is true.

I saw little people, all of seven,

Hands folded in prayer, looking up at the heavens.

The poisoned apple has put her in deep sleep,

As we wait for the prince, all we can do is weep.

The prince may take forever to come,

Your friend needs a Dr. else she will succumb.

I rushed her to the hospital, her face cold like snow,

Five days in the hospital back came the glow.

The trails of life, each one of us has to face,

Someone to your rescue, may not always be the case.

Put on your boots, mark your stride

For not always, will there be a free ride?

Cut through the crap, call the spade a spade

Through the choppy waters, you alone have to wade.

Hold your baton, take the reins in your own hands

For you are the Aladdin and also the Genie in the lamp.

~Vijeta Gawdi

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