• Vijeta Gawdi

The Tale of Time

Updated: May 15, 2020


The Tales of these Times

Brimming with twists and turns

Somedays a pantomime

Of the Earth becoming an urn

Holding the desolate remains

Of people's wishes and dreams

The anguish and the pain

Voices too muffled to scream

But not everything is as dreary

It has not all been in vain

For there is a buoyant theory

To how nature has gained

You can hear the leaves rustling

the summer breeze, so pure

Gone are the days of bustling

Nature's bounty, all allure

The rivers are flowing freely

Their water so pristine

A miracle really

Never once before so preen

The birds and the bees

Are painting the town red

Their lives bestowed with new lease

Sans the enduring dread

The sky in all it's glory

Nomore,down with the blues

Telling a glorious story

Of the days to ensue

The happenings of the past

Nobody's doing, nobody's fault

For this universe so vast

Has reset to settings default.

(There are always two sides to a story. Overlook the dark, be on the side that's bright.)

Vijeta Gawdi.

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