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Kai Po Che!


Well after a long hiatus, I am back and although on a distressing note (RIP-Sushant Singh Rajput), it is still good to be back to 3 times over. Where have I been? I have been working on my site www.handfulofhealth.in, your one-stop place for quality nuts, dry fruits, dates and more all delivered at your doorstep. The purpose of the project? To make the best quality dry fruits accessible to customers at wholesale prices, yes we are cheaper than the ones available on any e-commerce platform cause we are direct importers, processors, packers and sellers.

At HOH, our aim is to aid people in living a healthy life. A physically healthy body is the abode of a healthy mind, isn't it? So then what could compel someone whose name means the quiet one- Sushant, to take such a drastic step. A fine young man, physically fit, hardworking and promising had this storm raging in his mind is beyond me. Depression can be a silent killer, asymptomatic, lingering and then not so anymore. I cannot imagine how one could feel so hopeless and find not one thing worth fighting for. How do you cave in, succumb and give up the most precious gift of life?

Pretty soon the blame games will start. Friends of friends will announce themselves on television feeding the media frenzy with juicy insights on Sushant Singh's love affairs, financial affairs, career highs and lows and pretty much everything in between. They will perform an autopsy of the cadaver of his life. Nepotism will get it's due share of the limelight as well. We all wish it had ended differently for Sushant Singh.

What worries me is the pressure mounting on the younger generation in cryptic ways. The pressure to look Instagram ready all the time, the pressure to ace at everything the parents put their minds to, the peer pressure to be socially likeable and acceptable, the FOMO (fear of missing out) is all gnawing at the mental health of our children. In some ways, I am happy at this imposed lockdown. It has given us time with the children, it has given our lives the much-needed speed breaker to slow down and ride the bump thoughtfully. I am happy not running around in circles, trying to catch my tail with every activity class on the market. I am at peace knowing that my children are spending their days playing, fighting and almost killing each other over their toys only to be kissing and making up later.

Their boredom echoes through the house in the form of shouts and screams, at times it is overwhelming but I'd rather have them expend their anger and frustration out every day this way. We all know the basic paradigms of parenting, raise your kids, to be honest, smart and resilient beings. As babies we humans are so resilient, as I watch my now 7 month old, he is trying to go around hurdles, he will crawl under, over, push, shove do whatever it takes to just overcome, yes he succeeds once for every 200 times he tries to learn one new thing, overcome one new obstacle, achieve one new feat. Resilience saved us, humans, from extinction. A resilient spirit can win the toughest battles of life.

Sushant Singh Rajput, I pray that you may have found the peace and calm that you were so desperately seeking. You could have scaled newer heights only if God had not decided to take the reins of the kite of your life in his hands. Yes, it was Kai Po Che a bit too soon and a bit too sudden. A life with so many dreams but not enough time. Sushant Singh Rajput- rest in peace.

Vijeta Gawdi

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