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Storyteller: The Little Too Big Ego- Hanuman


It is a bright Sunday morning. I have been really looking forward to this day, for a long time now and so pick out my Sunday best, blue denims and a white cotton shirt. For the feet, a pair of blingy, silver gladiators. I put on minimal makeup, which is basically eyeliner and some gloss. I pick my uber-cool fluorescent jhola, quickly throw in a few essentials my pager, a hairbrush, wallet of course and my student bus pass. My best friend Zeeba is down at the hostel reception, I can hear her shout out to me. "Viju!! Come on already, we are getting late... Vij!! Vij!! Vij!!!!"

"Mom!!!!!! The 3 year old has run away with my paints again." I am jolted back to reality. I look around me, the 5 month old needs his massage followed by a bath, the 3 year old has paints on her legs, the 8 year old is sitting amidst a pile of books that need sorting. The bed needs making, the clothes have to be put for washing and I need my tea!!! Year 2000 ki Dear Zindagi, I miss you. This morning saw me sitting down to feed the baby and travel 20 years back in time.

Gosh! It's been so long. Life has changed completely over these two decades. From starting to work, getting married, having children and quitting work to be with them, I have journeyed a long long way. Especially after having these little munchkins, life has taken on a new meaning. These kids fill me with a sense of purpose. The onus of their well being, health and happiness lying on my shoulders. The state of bliss when they eat well, the constant worrying if they are unwell, the crying by their bedsides after they have fallen asleep, for being rude and angry during the day and the endless hugging and kissing to remind them, that they are my life, has become ME now. My three children rule me completely. Yes, children are born with the power to take over your heart and soul forever.

I am aware of the fact, that I am at times, controlling, strict, punitive and vociferous in my ways of parenting. Yes, I am the Ravan in their lives, but a Ravan for their good, a fact they will acknowledge when they fill my shoes. For now, this is my Sone Ki Lanka, so my rules prevail. They will have to listen to me for the next 100 years of their lives :) Yes, there will always be opposition and headwind from this Vaanar sena of mine. On some days, they won't agree and resent me. There may come a time when they are sick of my tyranny :) and even try to escape the fortitude of my motherhood. Someday, I will be the helpless Ravan who will see Hanuman set fire to his Lanka and bring it down. Well, let's leave it to someday far far away not today!

Today the story is about-Vaanar v/s Ravana

We all know as depicted in the Ramayana, that Ram killed Ravana. However, Ravana's death was also because of the culmination of various curses on him. One day Ravana was travelling north to pay his respects to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Ravana had just looted the kingdom of his stepbrother Kubera and had taken away the beautiful Pushpak Vimaan from him. He came to Kailash on the very same vehicle. After his meeting with Lord Shiva, as he was descending the steps of Kailash, he saw Nandi sitting in wait for Lord Shiva. Ravana looked at Nandis fat bull face and mocked him for being ugly. He also remarked, that while his vehicle the Pushpak Vimaan was so resplendent, the main vehicle of the Lord of the Lord's, Shiva was a mere ugly bull. This enraged Nandi, who was no ordinary bull and he cursed Ravan calling him arrogant and haughty. Nandi told Ravan that since he had no respect and empathy for the animal species, his Lanka would be destroyed by the help of a mere monkey. Years later this curse burnt one of the strongest and infallible kingdoms in Hindu mythology. Hanumanji, the monkey god set fire to Lanka with his tail.

Yes, sometimes the smallest of beings can crush your ego and keep you in lockdown. Isn't it? While this microscopic virus is no Hanuman, the human ego has taken the form of Ravana. It has multiplied ten folds and made itself at home in our heads. It has made us arrogant, selfish and insolent. I pray in the times to come, good sense prevails. The present is marred with fear and worry, but the future can still be changed for the better. There is always hope.


Vijeta Gawdi.

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