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Once bitten, twice shy, thrice fool

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

An introduction to myself and my beautiful children and life partner.


So, I never thought that I would actually someday, 5 months into having my baby number 3, be giving up my afternoon siesta (I wouldn't trade it for gold at this point in time)to write a blog, that I am not even sure anybody would find interesting to read. I mean who in their normal routine of life, would find the life of a mother of three-two daughters (beautiful) and a son (who decides to sleep in an extra hour today!). Maybe this is a sign:) I must consider writing, interesting.

This blog  is an ode to my decision of completing my family, by deciding to have three children to fill our arms and hearts forever. A sneak peek into my life. A happy marriage of over 12 years, friendship of over 20 years. Yes, my husband has known me for more than half my life. He is loving, caring, helping and kind. All of which I have reciprocated to over the years, by giving birth to three, its not a small number when you have the word kids following it, 3 kids, 3 children who (sigh!) look all like him.

3 beautiful children, they always seem beautiful especially ,when they are all napping.

Kaavya 8years old, Palak 3years old and Rajat 5 months old.

As for me, I am someone with a strong head and a large heart. My days are filled with noise, endless demands, banter, chatter, complaints and cries. I am constantly running, it's a race against time, when not physically, I am running in my head. There is still grade 4 homework to be done, the one in Jr K.G still needs to be taught number 1-20 and boy, is the baby done napping already?!(I swear time flies when you have a sleeping 5 month old:)). My hands are always full, full of work that cannot be measured by any metric, but my arms are full of love and cuddles and sloppy kisses. As I finish typing this post with one hand, the other hand is wiping the tear off my 3year old's cheeks.Yes, her elder sister thinks Peppa Pig is for dummies! I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.

I have had people come up to me and say things like "3!? You're brave! or 3?! You're great! or 3!? Wow way to go or sometimes, 3?! Are you crazy? and not to forget, 3!? don't be a fool!"

Once Bitten Twice Shy Thrice Fool(A happy one)

April 1

See Ya!

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