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Mother and Mother Nature

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

And in time, this too shall pass..


Today we are divided by distance but united by memes. I just spent the last 10mins cleaning up and freeing space on my phone, that was literally clogged with GIFs, images, videos, PDFs, docs etc etc. wrapped either in humor, fear, doubt, warning or anxiety about the dreaded C.

Have we really plundered? Have we taken more than we have given back? Have we lost gratitude? Have we consumed excessively and thoughtlessly? Yes, we have all been recipients of messages that have echoed all of this and more.Has mother nature unleashed her fury and is after us with vengeance?

My belief- No, I don't think so. There's a reason we call her Mother and that is because she personifies nurturing, nourishing and living. Today, as the human race is tested for its sustainability and strength, she is standing rock solid behind us. A mother has learnt only to protect, provide and persist for her children. She is much above all of us. I truly believe that she is trying with all her might to protect us in ways we may not even fathom.

 My heart goes out to people who lost their loved ones fighting this crisis. Nothing breaks your heart over and over again, than the realization of the fact, that you may never see them again. I lost my father, barely two months ago. His passing away came to us with a little bit of warning. All through the last 14 years, post the tragic accident that left him bound to a wheelchair and then the bed, confined to a room, he gave us the strength to face life and live it like there was not a thing to worry about or be afraid of. Maybe somewhere, he too believed that a greater inexplicable force was watching over us. (I miss you papa:)I love you:)) Maybe it was, it is and it will always be- Mother Nature.

"There is not a stir in the air. People have retired into their rooms and laid their worries to rest, albeit for a few hours. The pillow bears a wrinkled look, much like the state of our minds. Our bodies are numb with worry under the blanket of doubt. When, how and how soon? We are all looking for answers. I pause, I zoom out, I am in the universe, I look down, I can barely see myself, I am a dot in Mother Nature's scheme of things."

I am going to let her join the dots and solve this riddle for me.

 I smile at my 3 year old, who is already tugging the end of my frayed t-shirt (of course it's a lockdown, yes my t-shirt is frayed because I was down to my 5th in two hours. Why??because my 3 month old decided to use the previous 4 for his BoB- Business Of Burp:) She is concerned that, I am standing all alone in the kitchen making popcorn for the girls 18th pajama party in a row. Yes, it's been that long since we got out. It is 2am in the night, so my daughter says "Mumma don't be afraid, I am sitting right here to keep you safe." Her eyes unwavering, sparkling, fearless, full of love.

Did I just see you in my daughters eyes?

:) Prayers.

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