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I won't go Speechless!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


I won't go Speechless!!

After a two day hiatus, we got back to our pile of incomplete worksheets. The 8 year old had put her pencils down and locked her books away, yes the Union of Child Welfare at our home had announced a two-day bandh/strike against studying, citing mental health issues due to the lockdown. I am indeed grateful for the schools to be operating through this crisis. Of late, it has been my only connect with the past, a past that was, a past where we lived in a different world. A world that was devoid of fear, uncertainty, desperation and helplessness. The online schooling system has been quite successful and the teachers have been adept at keeping up with the syllabus.

It has been over three weeks now, the kids have been holed up at home. Their blue cycles parked outside, untouched, unattended, covered by a layer of dust. The skipping rope coiled and forgotten in the cupboard. The crickets bats and the five different kinds of balls we bought over a period of time, all lost somewhere in the black hole of our house. So, how did we spend the last two days? We shot a DIY, 3 ingredient chocolate cake video for 3timesover. The video is on the blog, do watch it with your kids and try the recipe at home. It was also not, all work and no play! We also binge-watched on kids movies like Mowgli, Princess Diaries and Aladdin.

Princess Jasmine by Heer Sarvaiya

Aladdin by Disney is a classic. It has been around for decades and the latest live-action adaptation that released in 2019, was just so descriptive with the animations. So as we sit with our tubs of freshly made Act 2 original butter popcorn, Jaffar has stolen the lamp from Aladdin and now has the Genie at his command. Naomi Scott, who plays Jasmine, breaks into the song Speechless. I am in one of my sombre moods. This whole lockdown and the iffiness of the situation at hand is bogging my spirits down. I look down at my 5 month old. He is cooing away in glee, so unfazed and unperturbed. He looks at me so intently and flashes the most heartwarming smile. I think he is trying to tell me"Mom it's not going to last forever "I bring his face to mine and he lets out a big burp. The girls are cracking, because at that very instant the song, Speechless starts playing. Guess the 5 month old too doesn't want to be Speechless. The song has such empowering lyrics that it just overwhelms you in the first minute of listening to it. Please do listen to it when you find the time, which is about right now:) cause don't we all have all the time now! Rhetoric!!!

Of late, everything I read, everything I see, I relate to the catastrophe environing us every day. With the dawn of the day, the sun tries to add some cheer to the dull grey sky. People rise from their slumber, their woes a little rested only to be reminded of the situation, that is getting grimmer as the days progress. It's a battle that does not commence with the sound of the conch or stop with the setting of the sun, the battlefield is the whole world, the warriors our medical professionals and personnel. A volley of thoughts running through my head, my fingers working fervently on the tub of popcorn and my mouth chewing mindlessly. Every night we go to bed, the score in our heads, the number of people that the enemy has taken down. How I wish the Genie was real and humanity could be saved by a Lamp and the Magic Carpet. Somewhere, we all know that someday this will be over and even if it ain't, we will all be resilient and unstirred by this virus. That one day, a few months from now there will be a vaccine. Yes, the virus will tire out and lay it's weapons down!!

The lines from Speechless-

Try to lock me in this cage

I won't just lay me down and die

I will take these broken wings

And watch me burn across the sky

Hear the echo saying I...

Won't be silenced

Though you wanna see me tremble when you try it

All I know is I won't go speechless


'Cause I'll breathe

When they try to suffocate me

Don't you underestimate me

'Cause I know that I won't go speechless

All I know is I won't go speechless

Yes, we won't go down without a fight. And fight we shall, by keeping ourselves mentally occupied. This battle is not about fists, it is about wits and we shall defeat COVID by being smart and staying indoors. The virus has picked the wrong enemy this time around, it has chosen the most adaptable and effervescent of all species. It will have to palliate. Be vehement, be vociferous, be resolute that we will Stay Home and Stay Safe-Yes, we won't go Speechless!!

Stay Home Stay Safe

Vijeta Gawdi

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