• Vijeta Gawdi

Hope Lost

The silence is deafening,

The empty streets full of fear,

All hopes, sinking

The end nowhere near,

The horizon looks frayed,

All hell is breaking loose,

God knows I have prayed,

For this to be a ruse,

Stopping us in our tracks,

Breaking our stride,

It laughs, it cracks,

At humans and their plight,

It has taken them down,

And seems hungry for more,

Corona-The one with crown,

Causing all the furore,

In the hollow of their eyes,

Hope is losing faith,

In their silent goodbyes,

Their peace with destiny made,

Humanity on its knees,

Hands folded in plea,

Stripped of its ego,

Slain bare to bleed.

-Vijeta Gawdi

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