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Easy Paper Bag Tutorial

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Let's get crafty today!

Here's a simple paper bag tutorial. You can easily find all the supplies for this at home.

What you'll need:

  • Newspaper/any piece of paper (your bag size will depend on the paper size)

  • Glue/Tape

  • Ruler

Step 1

  • Take a double sheet of newspaper and generously apply glue to one side.

  • Fold the paper in half and use a ruler to flatten it and stick it well.

  • Skip this step if you are using a thick sheet of paper.

Step 2

  • Fold a 2-inch line across the bottom of the paper (red line).

  • Now fold the big section in half(yellow line) to meet the red line.

  • Glue the 2-inch fold to the folded big section to form a pocket for your bag.

  • Let it dry.

Step 3

  • Now flip the paper so the pockets are on the top and bottom.

  • Fold the bottom of the pocket to close one side.

Step 4

  • Fold the edges as shown in the figure to form a hexagon with two triangles inside it.

  • Flatten and fold the triangles formed firmly using the ruler.

Step 5

  • Fold the top and bottom edge of the hexagon so they overlap each other.

  • Glue them securely.

  • You can also glue a piece of rectangular paper to secure the bottom even more.

  • Let it dry.

Step 6

  • Put your hand through the open end of the bag to open it up and check if it is secure.

  • Your bag is now ready to be decorated!

  • This bag can be used to carry lightweight items and can even be used to dispose of dry waste.

Decorate your bag however you like!

Use your imagination

Video Edited by Heartistik Production

Music by www.bensound.com

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