• Vijeta Gawdi

DIY Water Density Experiment

Hot and cold water are both forms of H20. Water is needed by all living things to survive. The density of water may seem like a simple experiment to do, but it has a significant impact on the ocean currents. The reason why warm currents flow above cold currents in the ocean will e explained through this experiment. Grab your science goggles!

What you'll need:


Water Balloons

Hot Water

Cold Water

Room Temperature Water

Step 1

  • FIll one water balloon with hot water and one with cold.

  • Fill the jug with room temperature water.

  • Now put the hot and cold water balloons in the jug with room temperature water.


  • You will notice that the hot water balloon floats in the room temperature water, whereas the cold water balloon sinks to the bottom.

  • This is because the density of the hot water is less than that of the cold water.

  • When water is heated, the molecules get excited by the energy in the heat and begin to move faster. They bounce into each other and move further away which in turn decreases the density.

  • When water is cooled, the exact opposite happens and the molecules come closer together which increases the density.

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