• Vijeta Gawdi

DIY Coin Pouch

Hello, my little skilled craftsmen!

Today let's learn how to make an easy coin pouch/purse with paper! This simple DIY requires just 2 things!

Did you know?

The coin pouch/purse has been used for centuries! The oldest known coin pouch is dated back to 3300 BC!

What you'll need:

  • Origami paper/ a square sheet of paper

  • Crayons, stickers, markers, or any other decorative materials

Step 1

  • Fold your square sheet of paper in half diagonally to form a triangle shape.

Step 2

  • Fold the bottom right corner of your triangular paper to the midpoint of the side opposite to the corner.

  • Repeat this for the bottom left corner too.

Step 3

  • Your paper should look like the image above.

  • You have now created a pocket to put the coins in!

Step 4

  • Time to decorate!

  • Use crayons, markers, paints, glitter, stickers or anything you like to personalize your pouch!

Your coin pouch is ready! Let's start saving! :)

Video Edited by Heartistik Production

Music by www.bensound.com

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