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A light for a light can make the whole world bright


I am sure, most of us woke up today, to our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modiji's address. Yes, we are all game for the Sunday Flash Mob.

Ok, don't judge my literary skills yet, I am well aware of what a flash mob means. But, think about it, this Sunday Flash Mob will be verbatim. Let me explicate. This event will see a mob of at least 100 crore Indians, we will be there with each other in spirit exactly at 9 pm holding our lamps, diyas, candles, and cellphones. The light emanating from each of our homes, filling the night sky with the brilliance of hope.

I agree the wait has been long, we have all been sitting in our homes girdled by despair and literally hanging by a string in the hope of some resolution. The string of hope, as I imagine it, will find it's million pearls gleaming in the dark this coming Sunday. It will bind us and unite us in the most unforgettable way. The day will be a momentous one in the history of our planet.

Our children are experiencing a biological war, so early in their years. The older children are cognizant of the issue at hand and aware of the repercussions of the same. The younger ones are happily perplexed _ happy because the schools are closed and perplexed because they fail to understand the gravity of our persistence in asking them to wash their hands again and again.

This is a great time to introduce our children to the fervor of patriotism. For the longest time, we are all echoing the same sentiments across the boundaries and over the frontiers. In our own way, we are all looking out for each other. Donation drives are being organized, the daily waged workers are being fed, communities are sharing responsibilities of taking turns at providing for the needy. We have been considerate and generous towards people who work for us. Spirituality has preceded religion.

Weren't we all smiles, as we looked over our balconies and greeted our neighbours with the sounds of bells and thali. My girls were so excited at the sound of the bells and conches ringing and resonating all around tearing away at the melancholy. They were in splits, when someone from the neighbouring home shouted out slogans of "Vande Mataram" I played the National Anthem on the Bluetooth speaker that we had placed in our balcony that day.

Sharda aunty on the terrace opposite to ours stood up smiling. We were ONE at that moment. Maybe alone in our homes but not lonely anymore.

My girls were ecstatic this morning when I told them that our Prime Minister has asked us to switch off the lights and light diyas, the coming Sunday. My 8 year old says "Mom, it's like celebrating Halloween, where the ghost is that cunning virus:) except we are uninviting it and forcing it to go back to where it came from"Children have such curative minds.!

The issue at hand has many facets, it's a country of 130 crore people. I am sure some of the people find these things a charade. Yes, there are far more necessary things to do at this point of time, than sit in the balcony with a torch in hand., Yes, there are people whose lives have turned upside down. Unfortunately we can only do what we are doing in our capacity to help. This pandemic should never have occurred but it has and we are better off by making something out of it than doing nothing at all out of resentment and frustration.

Don't be a pessimist.Worse, don't be a parent AND a pessimist at the same time. Our kids have been exposed to this war. Let us teach them to be warriors, warriors in spirit at least. Reiterate to them the happenings of the past few months. Show them the damage caused. Let them be aware.

The princesses and superheroes have come out from the fairy tales and comic books and are saving the world. They have left their tiaras and capes, picked up instruments instead and are fighting tirelessly. Let the children know their smiles and enthusiasm will give these superheroes the will to fight.

The lighting of the diyas may be a small step for these children but in Neil Armstrong's words-A giant leap for mankind.

Modiji ended his address with this shloka from the Ramayana

(Laxman addresses Lord Ram : Kishkinda Kand)

उत्साहो बलवानार्य नास्त्युत्साहात्परं बलम् ।

सोत्साहस्य लोकेषु न किञ्चिदपि दुर्लभम् ॥

There is nothing bigger than the spirit of a person. A person with spirit can achieve the impossible and can withstand the most difficult of situations.

Jai Hind !

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