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आज धरती से ऐसी लगन लगी।

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Earth Collage by Tanya Gawdi


I read a quote by Paulo Coelho the other day, I believe he had tweeted this,

"Save the planet" is just an expression of arrogance. The planet was here before we arrived, and will kick us out if we don't respect it. Food for thought!! It is 12 pm in the afternoon and there is still some time before lunch. I am sitting by the living room window, enjoying the view of the garden below. The NMMC had ordered the lockdown of all public places a week ago. Ever since that day, the garden has been so bare, empty and yet in that quietude, it has never seemed so full and abundant. A haven so tranquil and placid. I close my eyes, I can hear the chirping of the sparrows as they perch from tree to tree, the squawking of the squirrels climbing up the bark and the rustling of the leaves- Nature's symphony at its best. The only thing missing is probably the baritone of a waterfall gushing over rocks. I open my eyes, the sun's rays are playing peek a boo from over the trees, falling every now and then on the green grass below. The swings and slides are covered with yellow poinciana flowers. The birds and bees are calling out to each other to play. It is Nature's Me Time! My thoughts are interrupted by my 3 year old. It's 1pm and she is hungry. We go down into the kitchen. Ever since the lock down, it's become a ritual for the girls to lay the table for lunch. My 3 year old is so enthused with this new responsibility but my 8 year old is a brawler when it comes to doing chores. Sigh! Little girls grow up so fast. Just not so long ago, there was nothing the 'Chocolate Bribe' could not make her do. Now she is 8 and quite astute for my gambit. She is also very quick at passing down the knowledge, she has acquired over the years to my 3 year old. For instance, just the other day, I overheard her telling the little one,"Mama is going to make you study for half an hour, you can choose to write 2 pages or 4.":) A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows she has none- Marlyn Monroe. As we sit down to eat lunch, I casually mention that we should be thankful for this lovely meal, that nature has provided for (quintessential parenting:)). My elder one is quick to retort, "Yes mom for the vegetables, fruits, chapati, milk, biscuits, cake, milkshakes" The younger one joins in"water, juice, clothes, curtains, cupboards, sofa, the marble floor... "It's a riot really. They are both running around the house pointing at random objects, the sound of their chortle and laughter filling up the house. Children, they can say the most significant things and be so nonchalant at the same time. I was later reflecting on the list they had so uninhibitedly put together. Yes, each of the things on that list had come from one or many sources of nature. The wooden teak sofa that we had gotten designed to seat our growing family of seven, the curtains we had so meticulously chosen to match with the furnishings of every room, our wardrobes made of all wood, the marble flooring we were so finicky about, the granite counter top in the kitchen, the overhead cupboards that stocked our masalas, gram, flour, condiments, the water that we chose to filter with the latest in RO technology, everything had come from nature. I was stupefied. Maybe what Paulo Coelho wrote about "Humans saving the planet" was a cogent thought after all. We are so minuscule and trivial, this planet so prodigious and infinite. It makes me feel like a midget. The Earth is truly astronomical in it's bearing! For the longest time, I have been trying to write some poetry.

This is my ode to Mother Earth- आज मन में एक उत्साह जगी, धरती से मेरी कुछ ऐसी लगन लगी, ख्यालों के भंवर से घिरा मेरा मन, अपने हर पहलू से सींचा है उसने मेरा जीवन, निसंकोच् है मेरे लिए तत्पर, पिघला दिये उसने मेरे लिए अपने शिखर, उजाड़ कर अपनी हरियाली, भर दी मेरे जीवन में हर खुशहाली, बूंद बूंद से बनाए अपने सागर, भरती रही मेरी आकांक्षाओं के गागर, कई ज्वालाओं को अपने अंदर समेटे, बर्फो की चादर अपने तन पर लपेटे, झूग् रही है कठनाईयों से निरंतर, जीवनशैली की रक्षा कर रही अनंतर, कैसे चुका पाऊँगी उसका यह ऋण, योजनाएं तो बनाए है मैने भिन्न, उसकी अनंतता से मेरा मन है भ्रमित, युगों युगों से जैसे पी रखा है उसने अमृत्, वो अजर अमर अविनाशी, मेरे क्षणिक जीवन की युगों तक साक्षी, आज मन में एक उत्साह जगी धरती से मेरी कुछ ऐसी लगन लगी _____Vijeta Gawdi

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